Community Care Systems, Inc. provides a wide range of different activities and services tailored towards the client’s needs. If you decide that Community Care is right for you, we will come visit your home for a consultation meeting to conduct of survey of needs. There we will come up with a plan of care that suits the client perfectly, including service frequency and cost of care.

In-Home Care Services (click for more info)

Community Care Systems, Inc., an experienced in-home provider since 1980, has been providing quality and cost effective in-home services for over 30 years. Our in-home services provide support to those who request assistance or have a desire to remain in the familiarity of their own home. Today we are recognized as one of the leaders in the in-home service industry. Our staff are all professionally trained and dedicated to providing the best quality care for our clients!

Adult Day Services Offered (click for more info)

Adult Day Service is a support program for caregivers, providing a safe haven for your loved one while you work, handle personal affairs, or simply relax. These services may also help someone who wants to remain in the community but cannot be home alone during the day.

Individualized Care (click for more info)

Community Care Systems, Inc. has been the designated Case Coordination Unit for Clark, Cumberland, Fulton, Mclean, Moultrie and Shelby County since 1998. The Case Coordination Unit Care Managers help older adults and their caregivers in finding needed services and resources in the community to maintain their independence. The Care Managers will visit the older adult in their own home to conduct a comprehensive assessment. The assessment provides the Care Managers with information to assist the older adult and their family about services and resources available in the community. The Care Manager develops a plan to assist with the identified needs and coordinates and refers to the needed services. In addition, the Care Manager will continue to follow up with the older adult and caregiver to adjust the plan to meet the individual’s needs. The Care Manager can provide access to in-home care programs, adult day services, home delivered meals, financial aid programs, transportation programs, home modification and weatherization programs, assistive technology, respite, emergency home response, medication management, Medicare Part D applications and other resources available to assist the older adult.

The Care Managers can also assist the older adult and their caregiver in finding options when leaving the hospital and Long Term Care Center. They are able to coordinate programs to assist with the transition from hospital and Long Term Care Center to home.

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