Our Prayer


As I go to care for my clients today
I’ll make sure to arrive when I should.
I’ll wear my very best smile all day,
And keep my mouth shut if misunderstood.

Help me to do all the chores their way,
Whether laundry, or shopping, or mopping.
I’m in their home: it’s their domain,
And I’ll do my work without stopping.

Now if they’re bossy or grouchy today,
“Cause they’re feeling bad…or just that way,
Let me respond the way that I should,
With wisdom and kindness, I pray.

I thank you for those placed in my care,
You have allowed me to help through the years,
Who’ve learned to put their trust in me,
And I’ve shared in their laughter and tears.

Help me to be aware of the little things
That I could say or do,
Like gluing together a broken thing,
Once treasured; now like new.

And if someday in the future, Lord,
I am the one in need,
Send someone from Community Care;
Someone, that You can lead.

By Margaret Ruth Spillman
© Margaret Ruth Spillman, December, 2000. All rights reserved.
Community Care Systems, Inc.
Villa Grove, Illinois Homemaker Caregiver Since 1991