Community Care Systems, Inc. (CCSI) has been a contracted home services provider for the Illinois Department on Aging’s Community care program since May 1980, remaining in good standing with the Department to secure renewal of the contract year after year. CCSI is one of the largest providers in the state for the Department on Aging.

CCSI has also been awarded contracts with the Illinois Department of Rehabilitation Services and Veteran’s Affairs, allowing us to provide service to a wide arrange of participants. For the past 15 years CCSI has had a contract with the Department of Public Aid. We provide Home Care Aide training to their participants, allowing them to gain independence and employment in the community. 

CCSI has expanded to also provide Case Management, available in 7 counties, and Adult Day Services, located in Quincy, IL (Adams County). CCSI now provides homemaker services in 86 counties including the city of Chicago and Suburban Regions. CCSI provides service to an average of 8,000 participants and employs over 3,200 Homecare Aides.